The Collective Insanity of Random Textbox Inputs

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The Collective Insanity of RTI
"Who are you and what are you doing here?"
Capital RTIopia
Largest City RTIopia
Official Languages Standard RTIian, Massively Context Sensitive Hyper RTIian
  • Prime Minister
  • Foreign Minister
  • Intelligence Minister
Parliamentary Democracy
Moonbeam Windchimes
Anna Wolfchild (actually male)
Bernard LeBlanc
Population 1.168 billion
National Anthem Anything suitably loud and guitar-driven
National Animal Angry Goat
Literacy Rate: 99.7% )
Currency 1 RTIian Anarchist (Á) = 100 Dis-cents

The Collective Insanity of Random Textbox Inputs, or Random Textbox Inputs as it is known to most, is a relatively large, entirely landlocked landmass on the Contra Continent, bordered by Haelhan, Curiaistan, Holod, and what used to be Mercuror. The Collective Insanity also holds territory in Liberalia Nova, which has been named Red Terra Interior. It is currently being colonised and infrastructure installed before residents can move in.


[edit] History

RTI was founded by settlers from the north in circa 3600 BCE, who chose the country for its opportunity for farming and its noted good weather (also good for farming). At first, RTI was populated by many tribes, the most notable being the Cobaini, the Terria, the Radîa and the Ica. For centuries, the tribes lived in coexistence, due in part to the fact that the area was big enough for all to have ample resources for their population sizes, but the Cobaini grew more militaristic and had conquered much of the land for farming purposes, and dominated for centuries until the Unified Rebellion of RTI in 236 CE, in which the other three major tribes rose up and overthrew the warrior queen of the Cobaini tribe at the time, Riibe Kara. They then formed the first forerunner to something resembling a government at the time, in which the land was carved up between the three tribes, each having a king to rule over his separate territory. The Cobaini tribe was gradually wiped out over centuries of persecution in the respective territories, many of them fleeing abroad.

Feudalism in RTI collapsed in about 1522 CE, when some of the great thinkers of the day started the second major revolution in RTI, known as the Time of Upheaval, where one by one the three kingdoms, now known as Radî, Terrus and Icas, had their leaders overthrown and handed power to the intellectuals. It was agreed on by mutual consensus that if the resources of the three nations were shared, then the people would benefit more, and thus the land of RTI was born. The names "Radî", "Terrus" and "Icas" were gradually corrupted to become "Random Textbox Inputs".

For a brief time in the 19th century, RTI became a monarchy again, but the period was so unpopular that most references to this period have been destroyed and history books tend not to mention it. Following this, RTI's citizens have become much more politically aware, resulting in frequent coups, impeachments, and shock elections.

[edit] Government

RTI is governed by its parliament. MPs are elected once every five years, and there is no limit on the amount of times one can stand to be an MP, but generally after two terms or more the public sides with another candidate, and it is practically unheard of to have a person serve as an MP for more than ten years. The party system is free and open to anybody founding their own party, so there are very few large parties in RTI; the preferred method is for many, many minor parties to form huge coalitions. RTI is necessarily liberal, as if the state became too overbearing and authoritarian then the leaders would soon find themselves forced out of power. A sense of stability is maintained unofficially by the RTI Intel Service, who it is generally regarded would step in if the political scene in RTI ever descended to the state where the elected representatives could not govern effectively. All controversial bills in RTI are passed by public referenda, as the people hate to think that democracy isn't working.

There are several important posts in the government. Most issues have some desk job devoted to them, but the major posts of the RTIian Cabinet are as follows. Not all government members have their names publicly announced to prevent arson attacks and the like. Also, two important posts in RTI that are not generally held in other countries are the "Voice of Reason", who points out flaws in the logic of government officials so that the right decision is always made (the position was created in 1982, after public protest), and the "Voice of Public Dissent", an elected position from among the opposition parties to find somebody whose views are the complete opposite of the government in power, who is given the duty of outwitting the Prime Minister in Parliament. The Voice of Public Dissent is usually under house arrest during those times that they are not present in Parliament.

[edit] Language

The language of RTI, known usually as "RTIian" (it doesn't have a name in itself... the word for "RTIian (language)" is the same as the word for "language"), is a subject-object-verb language, which is relatively context sensitive. It is a simplified version of Old RTIian, which was considered too complex for anybody to really know the entire language and how to use it in appropriate situations. Another derivation of it, Massively Context Sensitive Hyper RTIian, is even harder to grasp, and it is recommended that you only try to take beginner classes if you have an IQ of over 300... instead of using specific words, it uses a system of vowels and consonants to deliver an intended meaning entirely dependent on context. The last person who tried to write a dictionary for it shot himself before he got to words starting AB.

Most RTIian citizens know enough Curian to hold a conversation in it, and Standard Caropsyne is a popular language to learn among younger generations. It is generally recommended that tourists to RTI at least make an effort to try and learn how to say some simple phrases in it first, though.

[edit] Religion

RTI is entirely secular in its government system and legislature, as religious discrimination would usually result in coup d'êtat. Most citizens in RTI are practicing agnostics or atheists, with theists very much the minority. However, in recent years Flying Spaghetti Monsterism has been gaining much ground, as a sense of humour is prized by RTIian citizens, and any religion that can make them laugh out loud is one that they will at least consider looking into.

[edit] Education

The RTIian education system is one of the most well funded in Liberalia, receiving masses of taxpayer money. The education system tends to encourage to learn rather than drill useless facts into people's heads for the sake of education, and there are no exams that are forced to be sat. Instead, it is generally viewed that when a child is willing and able to take an exam, then they will use the resources available to them (the RTI Government has started an initiative of online learning, and making all the information they can available to all of its citizens) to study for and take the test. Education in grammar, maths, science, history, politics, foreign languages, culture, and general knowledge is compulsory up to the age of 18.

[edit] Health

RTI has a national health service, funded through taxpayer's money and free at the point of use. It is generally thought of as quite good among its users, as many of them end up living afterwards. Frequent calls to privatise it are dismissed as "silly" and "not a good idea".

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